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The Berea Urban Agriculture District, encompassing 82 acres of residential and commercial land use in the center of Berea Kentucky, encourages and supports the development of an integrated neighborhood food system. Food is grown on both private and public spaces; harvested and gleaned; sold, exchanged and donated; processed and stored; and shared at tables in restaurants and homes. Food and yard wastes are composted and used to build soil, and rainwater is collected for irrigation. Jobs are created, tourists and students come to see and learn, and the community is built around food.​

Recipes from the Berea Urban Agriculture District

If you live, work or go to church in the Berea Urban Agriculture District, Sustainable Berea would like you to submit a recipe for possible inclusion in our cookbook “Recipes from the Berea Urban Agriculture District.”


More than 500 people live in the Berea Urban Agriculture District, and hundreds more work or attend church here. What better way to get to know the people of the District than through their favorite recipes and the stories behind them. Food connects us to family, places, gardens and farms, and these connections make us who we are. Sharing a recipe is an introduction, and introductions build community.


In thanks for your submission, you will receive a free copy of the recipe book when it is published this fall.