2020 Neighborhood Perennials Project (NPP)

In 2019, the NPP distributed more than 500 perennial plants -- fruit trees and bushes, cane fruits, pollinator-friendly flowers and perennial vegetables -- at no cost to 40 Berea households. Our spring 2020 planting event involves 25 households who will be receiving and planting in their yards a variety of fruit-bearing trees and shrubs.

We are no longer accepting applications for the spring 2020 NPP, but if you are interested in “perennial agriculture,” we would like to get to know you and keep you in mind as we plan for fall 2020 and beyond.


Just drop an email to richard@sustainableberea.org with your full contact information and a couple of sentences about the site you have for planting and the trees and shrubs that are of most interest to you. Keep in mind that the optimal conditions for most fruit and nut-bearing trees/shrubs are full sun, well-drained soil, and enough space for the mature plant.


We will keep you posted on relevant workshops and sign-up dates for future plant distributions.

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