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2020 Neigborhood Perennials Project (NPP)

In 2019, the NPP distributed more than 500 perennial plants -- fruit trees and bushes, cane fruits, pollinator-friendly flowers and perennial vegetables -- at no cost to 40 Berea households.

Before any plants left the BUF, we visited each household to discuss their plant preferences and to determine what their yard might be best suited for growing. We offered training in tree planting and care through workshops and written instructions, and provided landscape cloth, stakes, mulch, and other materials. By doing some extra work up front, we hope to greatly increase the long term survival and productivity of the plants.

The first step in participating in the NPP is to let us know you are interested by sending an email to  We will then send you more information about the program.

Note: While the NPP will go on for many years, our capacity to provide plants and training in any one year is limited. If demand in 2020 exceeds our capacity, we will start a wait list for 2021.

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