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  • Our funding source stipulates that you must be within Berea city limits to be eligible for free plants.


  • It is critical to the ongoing success of the program that we hear back from you with updates on the health of your plants. If we do not get the requested 1-week, 1-month, and 6-month updates, we will not be able to offer you any more plants in the future.



  • If there is a perennial food/flower that you are interested in growing, but it is not on our suggested plant's list, we are happy to discuss the possibility of finding a locally-adapted variety. We cannot offer plants that we do not think have a reasonably high chance of survival in Berea’s growing conditions. We are consulting with experienced growers to make this determination.



  • Do you have a lot of open land for fruit and nut trees? Do you have personal or institutional funds to buy trees but lack the technical support? Consider matching our funds or purchasing your own trees. This allows us to offer more trees to those people who face a financial barrier to growing perennial foods. We can still help you source the trees and provide you all the knowledge and technical support you will need as an NPP participant.


  • Don’t have space of your own? Growing food is a wonderful opportunity to build community! Consider the possibility of growing a mini-orchard at your church, workplace or community organization. Imagine harvesting your own apples to bake pies for church events or taking a 15-minute break from work to harvest raspberries or relax under the shade of a mulberry tree. We have created example designs for beautiful and productive mini-orchards that could fit in your open green space.