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We are the ARK

Would You Like to Join Us?

The industrial food system is collapsing under the stress of climate change, drought, depletion of aquifers, soil erosion, and soaring costs of fertilizers and other inputs.


Populations of insects, birds, plants and many other species are declining due to climate change, industrial toxins, and habitat loss.


In the face of such huge problems, what can an individual household do? You can transform whatever land you have – a window box, a small front yard, a half-acre lot or larger – into an ARK = Acts of Restorative Kindness.


In an ARK, half the land is devoted to growing organic food, and half to nature. Through stewardship of your ARK, you go from gardener to guardian – of the food security of your family, and of the survival of hundreds of species.

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You can apply to the Berea Urban Farm for support in transforming your household into an ARK.


Eligibility: You need to own the land, and the land must be free of regulations or covenants restricting ARK activities.


What you get: Free materials, e.g., raised beds, compost, low-tunnel, drip irrigation equipment, seeds and starts of native plants; and guidance from an experienced gardener.


What you give: Your commitment of time and talent to building and maintaining the ARK, your passion for the purpose of the ARK, and your willingness to share what you learn.


Learn more about the ARK concept at


To apply, send an email to


Subject line: ARK


Give your name, address of the property that would become an ARK, email and phone.


Briefly answer the following:


- Do you own the property?


- Describe the property. Why do you think it would be a good site for an ARK?


- Why do you want to create an ARK?



Questions? or call 859-893-4594.


Thanks! We will get back with you and arrange a site visit and further conversation.

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