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Staff Members


Cheyenne Olson

Executive Director

works with the board to guide programs and educational activities that support the mission and vision of Sustainable Berea


Richard Olson

Director, Berea Urban Farm

responsible for planning, production and educational activities & manages the farm’s bee hives, orchard, and ducks, and oversees El Jardín Latinoamericano


Betty Brinegar

Assistant, Berea Urban Farm

helps with production, sales, events, and tackling the pesky invasives at the back of the property


Ryan Sartor

Financial Manager

responsible for generating financial reports, creating and managing budgets, monitoring accounts, and evaluating the overall financial health of the organization


Sarah Buckley

Assistant Director, Berea Urban Farm

participates in all production, sales and educational activities

Board Members


Ethan Connelly

from Berea, Kentucky and a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University & holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health Science and works as an industrial hygiene consultant

Terry Fields.jpg

Terry Fields

is co-owner of Top Drawer Gallery, a master woodworker, and an avid gardener.


George Schloemer

a local physician, bicyclist, gardener, and practitioner and advocate of the health and environmental benefits of a vegan diet.


Maria Wright

a web developer and co-founder of Wright Venture Services & has lived in Berea since 2011 and loves helping entrepreneurs and social enterprises with their digital presence


Lou Deluca

has degrees in political science (Yale), law (U. Colorado), and city planning (Harvard) & career included city planner, New Haven, CT; Asst. Dean and Assoc. Professor, Yale School of Art and Architecture; Dir. of the Mountain Program at U. Kentucky; Arts and Humanities Director, KY Dept. of Education; Exec. Director of KY Arts Council and Deputy Secretary KY State Cabinet for Education, Arts, and Humanities. Spent a decade living on and helping manage a small hill farm in Anderson Co., KY


Richard Olson

a Ph.D. agronomist who recently retired from the Environmental Studies faculty at Berea College & has experience in ecological design, ecological restoration, small-scale farming, and horse logging

Randy Stone.JPG

Randy Stone

is the retired city administrator of Berea KY, and a life-long gardener with a particular affection for cabbage and sauerkraut.

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