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Backyard Beekeepers Project

Since 2014, the Backyard Bees Project of Sustainable Berea has helped more than 35 Berea households to become beekeepers. Because of the pandemic, we are switching in 2021 from our usual class size of 5 to 7 people to a single apprentice. This will keep us all safer, but also provides the apprentice with a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and intensive support in becoming a beekeeper. And for the first year ever, we will have both top bar and Langstroth hives on the BUF, so we can offer a much broader introduction to beekeeping.


The apprentice will spend at least six half-days at the Berea Urban Farm beginning in April and concluding in the fall. The apprentice will be provided at no charge:


Bee Suit



Hive tool

Book on beekeeping

Top bar beehive



We are looking for a person who lives in Berea, does not have experience keeping bees, but has a strong desire to become a beekeeper. For more information, email

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