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BUF Workshop Schedule 2024

As an educational market garden, we are committed to teaching and helping our neighbors to grow some food. We of course grow food, but mainly to demonstrate regenerative growing techniques and showcase species and varieties that do well in our climate and soils. Achieving local food security will take all of us, not just one urban farm.


Our workshops are tailored for beginners whether they are gardeners, beekeepers, herbalists or fruit growers. This year we have five workshops on the urban farm specifically for kids.


All workshops are free except the Annual Meeting (ticket required) and the Pick Your Own Bouquet workshops, which are $10 to cover the cost of the bouquet you take home.


The basic schedule of BUF workshops and events is below. Details on each workshop are available below the chart.


Most of the workshops do not require pre-registration, but some labeled (REG) do. See the description of the workshop below for instructions on how to register.


Questions about any workshop can be sent to or call 859-985-1689.

Workshop Topics: B = Beekeeping, E=Social Event, F=Pick Your Own Bouquet, G=Gardening, H=Medicinal Herbs, K=Kids workshop, O=Orchards and Fruit Trees

Descriptions of 2024 BUF Workshops and Events

If you need further information, send questions to or call 859-985-1689.

-Many of these workshops are outdoors.
-Please dress for the weather and have footwear suited to rough and wet ground.
-A hat and sunscreen will give important protection.

-If you have an allergy to bee stings, please bring your own epi-pen or other medications.

-Dogs are not allowed on the farm.

-Children under age 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Feb 17     10am     Zoom Planning Your Garden     Betty Brinegar

Planning your garden - Choosing the tools needed. Deciding on the right location and the size that's right for you. Preparing the plot, testing the soil, amending the soil, preparing the beds and choosing the seeds. To receive the zoom access codes, send a request to


Feb 24     10-11am     Zoom     Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping     Richard Olson and Jamie Hart

For people with little to no experience with bees. We will touch on basic bee biology, types of hives (Langstroth, Top Bar, Layens), key aspects of managing a hive in your backyard. We will provide a list of resources for more in-depth learning, and details on hands-on learning opportunities with the BUF apiary. To receive the zoom access codes, send a request to


Mar 9     10-11am     Berea Public Library     Intro to Raised Bed Gardening     Cheyenne and Richard Olson

Mar 9     3-4pm     Richmond Public Library     Intro to Raised Bed Gardening     Cheyenne and R. Olson

Raised garden beds can extend growing seasons, increase yields, and fit well in urban settings. We will describe how to build a bed, where to locate it, best soil to use, and how to maximize yields through succession planting. We will explain how to purchase a bed through the Victory Garden Blitz and how to volunteer for the Blitz. There will be a drawing at each of the presentations for a free raised bed.

Mar 16     11am-noon     Berea Urban Farm     Spring Crops for Your Garden     Betty Brinegar

Direct sowing and transplanting your cool weather seeds and plants. Example:  Lettuce,  Onions, Cabbage. Remove any weeds that are coming up.  Keeping a journal.


Apr 12-14     Daily     Berea Urban Farm     10th Annual Victory Garden Blitz

Join us as we build and install 275 raised garden beds in Berea and nearby areas. We need volunteers to build beds, bag soil, deliver and install beds, prepare food, and keep records. Help us increase local food security by helping our neighbors to grow food. You can learn more, donate or volunteer for the Blitz


Apr 20     10am-noon     Berea Urban Farm     Backyard Fruit Growers Plant Distribution

This is only for people who placed an order last fall. We will be bringing the shrubs and trees to the urban farm from Peaceful Heritage Nursery. Tree mentors will be present to answer planting and care questions.


Apr 27     1-2pm     Berea Urban Farm     Managing weeds, pests, and diseases in your garden     Barnes

Learn how to effectively control weeds and pests without toxic chemicals and without excessive labor.


May 4     1-2pm     Berea Urban Farm     Growing Common Medicinal Herbs     Kallmeyer

Community herbalist Lauren Kallmeyer will take you on a tour of the BUF Medicinal Herb Garden while she covers the basics of growing your own medicinal herbs. There will be opportunities for hands-on learning by helping to plant some of the herb beds.


May 11     1-2:30pm     Berea Urban Farm Beekeeping with the Layens Hive     Olson and Hart

Not well known in the United States, the Layens hive is widely used in Europe. It is a horizontal hive (like the top bar) with much larger frames than the Langstroth. We think it offers some advantages over other types of hives, and have added several Layens hives to the BUF apiary this year. In this workshop, we will open a Layens hive and discuss its function. - Space is limited so registration is required. To register email


May 11     2-3pm     Berea Urban Farm     Holistic sprays for fruit tree health     Chang

Michael Phillips of Lost Nation Orchard pioneered the use of pro-biotic sprays to support fruit tree health and increase resistance to diseases such as fireblight and cedar apply rust. Ruwen Chang of Gaia’s Food will discuss the biology behind this method, show you how to mix a batch of spray, and how to apply it most effectively to the BUF apple trees.

May 18     11am-noon     Berea Urban Farm     Summer Crops for your Garden     Betty Brinegar

Direct sowing and transplanting your warm weather seeds and plants. Example - Beans, Peppers, Cucumbers.  The importance of keeping weeds under control. Continuing to keep a journal and why it's important.  Watching for diseased plants.


June 8    
We are working on another herb workshop for this date. Stay tuned.

June 15     9-11am     Berea Urban Farm     Cut Your Own Bouquet     Jamie Hart

Also every Saturday (except July 6) through September 7.

Berea Urban Farm has a beautiful selection of colorful flowers that changes with the seasons. Our cut flower program welcomes individuals and groups to cut their own bouquet. This is a fun experience to share with friends and family! We will guide you on cutting stems and  will have a table set up for flower arranging. Each registration covers approximately a quart size bouquet. Our cut flower program is on Saturdays beginning on June 15. Guests can arrive between 9-10 AM and we will be open until 11 AM.

To register fill out the form on the BUF Cut Flowers page. The price is $10 which covers the cost of the flowers. Please register early as registration is limited. Drop-ins are welcomed if space is available.

June 15     2-3pm     Berea Urban Farm     Fairies on the BUF     Heather Dent

Kids ages 6 to 12 will make their own fairy house and wand using natural materials from the farm. (Fairy houses will stay on the farm!) - Space is limited so registration is required. To register email


June 15     10-11am     Berea Urban Farm     Home Composting     Tammy Barnes

Learn how to transform your yard and kitchen wastes into a natural fertilizer. Save money while enriching your soil.


June 22     5-7pm     Berea Urban Farm     Agri-Culture Garden Reception

Everyone is invited to view the African American and Hispanic Gardens and learn about 36 culturally relevant heirloom plants. Refreshments will be served.


June 29     10:30am-noon     Berea Urban Farm     Medicinal Plants and Play     Sacha Louise

Young ones learn through their senses and play about plants for minor First Aid uses. Bring your own stuffed animal or doll to practice on. Ages 2-7. - Space is limited so registration is required. To register email


July 13     10am to noon     Berea Urban Farm     Seed Saving     Mike Lewis

Saving your own seed can save you money, guarantee that you have the seed you need, and lead to the development of varieties best suited to your particular soil and climate. Mike will describe the basics of seed saving and demonstrate some of the techniques. Participants can bring their own seed to swap.


July 13     2-3pm     Berea Urban Farm     How to be a Naturalist     Heather Dent

Create your own nature journal and learn to use all 5 senses to observe and record your natural surroundings. Ages 6 – 12. - Space is limited so registration is required. To register email


July 20     10am to noon     Berea Urban Farm     Mid-summer Herb Harvesting.     Lauren Kallmeyer

Join community herbalist Lauren Kallmeyer for a walk-through of the BUF medicinal herb garden and a discussion of proper harvest and preservation techniques for some of the herbs.


July 27     2pm - 4pm     Berea Urban Farm     Herbal First Aid Kit for Kids     Sacha Louise

Older kids are welcome to create a take home first aid kit with help from the plants and bees. Ages 7-14. - Space is limited so registration is required. To register email

August 3     11am to noon     Berea Urban Farm     Planning Your Fall Garden     Betty Brinegar

Planning your fall garden -   Removing your finished summer plants and composting them.  Amending the soil, direct sowing fall/winter crops. Example - Mustard Greens and Turnips.   Sowing winter cover crops and why.  


August 10     2pm - 4pm     Berea Urban Farm     Flowers of Summer     Sacha Louise and Heather Dent

Kids explore the wonderful nature of flowers, their edibility, and make nature art. Ages 6-12. - Space is limited so registration is required. To register email

August 10     noon     Berea Urban Farm     Making holy basil tincture     Joana Amorim

A hands-on workshop making a tincture from holy basil grown on the BUF. Led by Joana Amorim of Sylvatica Forest Farm.

August 17     10am to 11am     Berea Urban Farm     Preparing Your Garden for Winter     Olson

It is time to start thinking about cover crops, mulch, cleaning up crop residue and other steps to prepare your garden beds for winter.

October 5     1pm to 3pm     Berea Urban Farm     Harvesting and processing medicinal herbs     Kallmeyer

Help us with the final fall harvest of the BUF Medicinal Herb Garden and take some herbs home.

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