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BUF Cut Flowers Program

We grow over 40 flower varieties on the Berea Urban Farm for our Cut Flowers Program. Our vision for the program is to have volunteers come each week during the blooming season (end of May to mid-August) to harvest and then arrange flowers, then make the flowers available to the public.


Our flowers will be sold at the Berea College Farm Store starting August 1st. Flowers can be bought occasionally on the BUF Table at 201 Adams Street that will be advertised on our social media. We can do special orders of floral arrangements for events if notified in advance.


We have also partnered with the Berea Home Village, where they have a volunteer come to get a bucket of cut flowers to bring to their members.


If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the volunteer form on our website. If you are interested in buying flowers, email or call us at (859) 985-1689.

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