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Harvesting Hope Program

Harvesting Hope is a job-skills training program for women in recovery from substance use disorder. A collaboration between Sustainable Berea and Liberty Place recovery center in Richmond, KY, Harvesting Hope is a four-week program for cohorts of four women. Selected following a rigorous application and interview process, the women work on the Berea Urban Farm and also attend classes that address skills needed to secure and keep employment.

To date, 26 women have graduated from Harvesting Hope. The inaugural program in 2018/19 included close to 30 instructors and a curriculum developed by Sustainable Berea. While women took classes in a variety of job-related skills, a large proportion of their time was spent working on the Berea Urban Farm.


All 26 women who participated in Harvesting Hope completed the program and organized a public graduation ceremony that was attended by more than 120 friends and family.


Due to our current situation with the pandemic, Harvesting Hope is being redesigned to be offered online. 


For more information on Harvesting Hope, contact or call 859-985-1689.

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