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Berea Urban Farm CSA

2024 BUF Shares

BUF Shares are no longer available for purchase.

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In Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), participants pay in advance for a share of the upcoming season’s bounty, becoming a partner with the farm and sharing the risks and rewards. When you purchase a BUF Share, you not only lock in a season of fresh, nutrient-dense foods, but you support our education and outreach programs where we teach and help community members to grow food at home. You can view a summary of the BUF 2024 programs here.


The BUF is not certified organic, but we use only organic methods and practice regenerative agriculture. Healthy, living soils are our main crop, and we grow in a manner that invites many other species to share the farm with us.


BUF Share recipients come to the farm once a week (Tuesday or Friday, your choice) to pick up a box of whatever is harvested that week. A box may include vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and honey. You can see a list of what we are growing in 2024 here.


We will provide recipes and preparation instructions for the less common offerings. While here you are welcome to walk around the farm and see how your food is grown. Each summer we host a reception on the farm for all the BUF Shares participants to meet and talk.


Pickups begin mid-April and run through September for a total of about 24 weeks.

Many factors including weather, insects, diseases, voles, and just plain stuff determine the exact content of each week’s box. Here are three examples of box contents from 2023 to give you an idea of what a weekly share looks like.

May 8
Romaine, crispino, and butter lettuce; collards; turnips; radishes. 3 lbs total.


June 5
Romaine lettuce, radicchio, white Russian kale, bunching onions, shelling peas or fava beans,

Daikon radish (spicy), first thinnings of carrots, beets. 5.5 lbs total


August 8
Tomatoes, sweet peppers, African cayenne peppers, eggplants, onions, yellow wax

beans, summer squash. 11 lbs total

Share prices


Regular share: $550 ($23/week)

Our full price is similar to that of local CSAs and less than that of the UK CSA although comparisons should also include quantity, quality, and selection. Your purchase of a full-price share also supports our educational and outreach programs.

Work trade discount share: $450

In exchange for five hours of your labor on the Berea Urban Farm or in the Sustainable Berea office, you get $100 off the price of a BUF Share. After you purchase your share, our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to schedule your work times.

Berea Urban Ag District Resident share: $350

If you are lucky enough to live in the Ag District, you get a 40% discount on a BUF Share. See a map of the District

Farmacy Share: $275 ($11.50/week)

Half of American adults suffer from one or more chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis. The addition of fresh nutrient-dense vegetables to your diet can contribute to your overall health when addressing chronic diseases. If you are under the care of a physician for a chronic disease (no documentation required) and feel that a better diet could help, you qualify for a 50% discount Farmacy Share.


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