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Neighborhood Perennials Project Spring 2022

The Neighborhood Perennials Project (NPP) is made possible through the generosity of an anonymous major donor and many local donors who wish to see more fruit and nut trees growing throughout Berea. We thank them for providing a dedicated pool of funds for this project.


The NPP, a project of Sustainable Berea, provides fruit trees and berry bushes along with education and training on planting and care to Berea households. Since its inception in 2015, the NPP has distributed hundreds of trees, shrubs and pollinator-friendly perennial flowers at no- or low-cost with the goal of enhancing local food security and community health and nutrition.


For the next installment of the NPP, Sustainable Berea is partnering with Peaceful Heritage Nursery, Stanford KY, to provide Berea households with high-quality apple and pear trees, berry bushes, and cane fruits for planting in March 2022.


The NPP will provide approved households with up to $100 of fruit trees, berry bushes, and cane fruits from Peaceful Heritage.


Here is how it works:


  1. The spring 2022 NPP is limited to 15 households located in Berea.

  2. To qualify, you must attend on Sunday January 23, 2pm to 3pm a zoom event where Blake Cothron of Peaceful Heritage Nursery will discuss selecting and growing fruit trees and bushes in Berea. A list of the specific plants available for this program will be provided. You can register for the event here.

  3. During the zoom event, Blake will describe how to place your order to receive the NPP subsidy.

  4. Place your order. Availability of certain plants is limited and orders are first come first served.

  5. Sustainable Berea will bring all NPP orders back from Stanford in March (date to be announced) for pickup on the Berea Urban Farm. If you have ordered more than $100 worth of plants, you can reimburse Sustainable Berea for the difference at pickup.

You must attend the January 23 zoom event to be eligible for this program. Past participants in the NPP are eligible for participation in this round.


Thanks for helping to make Berea more food secure, healthy and beautiful. Questions? Call Richard at 859-893-4594.

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