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March Plantings and Raised Plant Beds

March 24, 2024

On March 24th, I planted Kalebration Baby Kale Mix in bed #1

March 27, 2024

On March 27th, I planted Glow Stix Carrots and Bacchus Radishes were planted in raised bed #3, the double bed. The double bed adds enough depth for deep root vegetables such as carrots. I also planted red tub #1 was planted with Baby Kale and tub #2 was planted with carrots and radishes

April 3, 2024

Checked in on the radishes and kale that were already germinated and they are looking good. The germination was much quicker than expected.  

Raised Beds

Raised beds can be incorporated in your garden for almost all vegetables and herbs. They heat up quicker, drain better and are easier to row cover if needed. If you are just getting started with raised beds and would like more information about setting them up, check out these great resource pages: Garden Plan and Raised Bed Guide.

Raised Garden Beds

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