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The Spring Crops For Your Garden workshop

March 16, 2024

"The Spring Crops For Your Garden" workshop was held at Betty's Garden at the BUF. The workshop was hosted by Richard and co-hosted by Betty. Some of the topics covered were, preparing a garden site and amending the soil, starting your own compost pile, growing plants in the ground, in raised beds and in large tubs. Buying seeds and growing your own plants vs buying plants. Hardening off your plants. Direct sowing your early spring vegetables and the importance of thinning your seedlings. A walk through of the BUF greenhouse was enjoyed by the attendees. Growing information and free garden seeds were handed out.  Please join Betty again on 18 May @ 11:00 am for the next workshop "Summer Crops For Your Garden" on the BUF at Betty's Garden.   

attendees of spring workshop

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