Berea Victory Garden Blitz

The annual Berea Victory Garden Blitz increases food security, builds community, and improves nutrition and health by providing raised garden beds at low cost primarily to low-income households. The event relies on about 120 volunteers who come together to build the beds, deliver them, and fill them with a mixture of compost and soil designed specifically for raised beds.


The Blitz is supported by a wide range of donors whose generosity allows Sustainable Berea to subsidize the beds for households that cannot afford the full cost. So far, the first six Blitzes have installed more than 650 raised garden beds throughout Berea and its surroundings.

The seventh annual Berea Victory Garden Blitz, scheduled for April 3 - 4, 2020, was postponed due to the COVID-19 virus. The Blitz had more than 90 orders and a handful of loyal volunteers worked to make beds—one-at-a-time, with social distancing. These amazing volunteers constructed beds and installed them over a two month period.  

Sustainable Berea continues to provide garden beds throughout the year. Order your beds online or email or call 859-985-1689.