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Betty’s Garden


I am Betty, I grew up in a small town of the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky. My love of gardening stemmed from growing up on a small farm. As a child I spent time playing in the garden as my mother and father worked planting crops. Growing up, I helped with planting, harvesting and preserving the food. Therefore, gardening was instilled in me and today I truly love gardening.

betty in a garden

Betty’s Garden is part of the Berea Urban Farm’s program to help beginning gardeners to be successful. I’ve laid out a 20’ x 33’ garden plot to represent a typical backyard garden. I started with grass, and will be describing how I go from planting to harvest.

Betty’s garden on the BUF is a teaching garden. I hope you will follow along through this blog, posts on the Berea Urban Farm facebook page, and especially by attending some of the 10 on-farm workshops we have planned.

Topics covered will include planning, location, soil testing, tools, seeds, planting and all things garden related. Come follow me into this amazing journey of growing your backyard vegetables and herbs.

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